Travel Blitz

Throughout 2013, the travel community conducted 30 Travel Blitz events with lawmakers across the country, garnered new cosponsors to the JOLT Act, recruited new members to join the Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus and grew our bench of travel champions in Congress. Your hard work has put a lot of points on the board for travel.

The game is far from over. Help us continue to build champions in Congress for the travel industry. Check out our Playbook (below) to learn how you can get involved in the Travel Blitz 2014 campaign. Email us if you’re interested in partnering on an event. By getting into the game, you may see your organization’s name on the MVP board next year!

The Playbook

1. Develop a strategy for turning your legislators into travel champions in the 113thCongress. Use the toolkit at right to help you build a winning strategy.

2. Invite your elected official to participate in a back-of-the-house tour in your community, such as at your convention center during a big conference, at your local airport, or at a busy hotel property.

3. Host a travel roundtable event with your policymaker by bringing together local travel leaders to discuss issues impacting the industry.  

4. Highlight the positive ways that your legislators are supporting travel in both traditional and social media.

5. Continue to follow-up with your policymakers throughout the year to build a lasting relationship that will pay dividends for travel for years to come.

We want to know how you’re “blitzing” your congressional delegation. Send updates to