The Power of Travel Coalition is the grassroots army of the American travel community. The Coalition seeks to amplify the voices of millions of travel employees with a vested interest in combating future assaults on travel, rewarding leaders who champion our industry, and advocating for policies that promote travel to and within the United States.

Who we are

We are the 15.7 million individuals whose jobs depend on a strong travel industry.

Who are the members of the Power of Travel Coalition?

All travel employees, from hotel and rental car employees to theme park and cruise line workers, tour operators, meeting planners and restaurant staff.

What are the major issues the Coalition advocates for?

1. Welcoming International Visitors

2. Reducing Travel Hassles

3. Enhancing Our Nation’s Infrastructure

What is the value of the Power of Travel Coalition?

The Coalition will work to secure jobs, hold our leaders to account, and elevate the voice of travel industry employees.