As of October 1, the federal government shut down while Congress debates legislation to fund the government’s operations. A government shutdown will negatively impact the travel industry in myriad ways. Previous experience tells us that a shutdown unnecessarily disrupts economic activity in communities large and small that depend upon travel spending for employment and tax revenue. The closure of national parks and federal historic sites to millions of travelers—coupled with the general perception of an uncertain travel process—will do serious and immediate harm to the economy.

Use the talking points below to call your Representative and Senators and tell them that Congress needs to reach an accord to end the government shutdown and prevent further damage to local economies that are dependant on ease of travel.

Call 1-866-201-3796 to be directly connected to your lawmaker’s office. Don't know who your Members of Congress are? Find out here.

Talking Points:

  • The government shutdown unnecessarily disrupts travel for millions of Americans and will harm our economy.
  • In particular, millions of visitors are being turned away from National Parks and federal historic sites.
  • If travelers begin to cancel or postpone trips because of a shutdown, it won’t be long until we see a ripple effect throughout the economy.
  • Congress needs to work together to reach an accord that ends the government shutdown, and tackle changes to the federal balance sheet that will let our economic recovery continue unimpeded.  

With Hill staffers furloughed, calls are going unanswered and voicemail boxes are filling up.  So take to Twitter to make your case.  Use our sample tweet to send a message to your policymakers.

{Insert Your Member's Twitter Handle} End the #shutdown to prevent further damage to travel & our economy  

Click here to look up your Member of Congress' Twitter handle.

No better evidence of the very real impact of this shutdown exists than stories from the frontline, which U.S. Travel can use with lawmakers and media. Email us your examples of how the shutdown is impacting travel in your area, whether through significant lost travel business, canceled or postponed events, or frustrated travel groups.