Travel Talks Event with Rep. John Faso

Earlier this week, the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY, hosted a roundtable discussion, tour, and student demonstration for Representative John Faso. Congressman Faso is a first-term Republican member from New York on the House Budget, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Agriculture committees. Given his influential role, we are proud that he is supportive of Brand USA.

Roundtable attendees shared their experiences with the Brand USA program and the impact it has made in the New York area. The stakeholders also discussed the Visa Waiver Program and the vital role it has played in the region.


The group was eager to discuss airport modernization with the Congressman to emphasize the need for an increased cap on the Passanger Facility Charge. Congressman Faso stressed the need for a private-government-union solution to better address the many problems facing our airports. The group agreed that any airport infrastructure changes must benefit both major and regional airports.

During the roundtable, stakeholders and the Congressman also discussed local issues. Recently, the Coast Guard sought to install 6 docks along the Hudson River. The Congressman informed the group that he recently introduced legislation to stall the Coast Guard from installing the docks, clearing up frustration on the issue.

We are grateful to the Congressman for his time, awareness, and commitment to the tourism and travel industry. The Congressman has agreed to join the Travel and Touirsm Caucus!