Travel Talks with Rep. Anthony Brown

This past week, the National Harbor CVB and MGM Hotel and Casino hosted a Travel Talks roundtable event with Rep. Anthony Brown to discuss important travel policies and issues. The event took place at the new MGM Hotel and Casino located at the National Harbor in D.C. This was a perfect location for the event, as Rep. Brown’s district includes the National Harbor and this booming new hotel and casino.

After a brief introduction by representatives from MGM, Prince George County, and National Harbor CVB, the attendees dove right into conversation on current travel industry issues relevant to the local area. Rep. Brown started the conversation off by talking about the importance of the travel industry both nationally and locally. He stated that he is a strong supporter of the travel industry—and his dedicated support was also demonstrated by his extensive knowledge on important policy topics and continued membership in the Travel and Tourism Caucus. 

A representative from the National Harbor CVB followed up by asking the congressman to work to secure an open gateway for international and domestic travel to the US and the region. Other attendees spoke of projects such as a Water Taxi from the Harbor to the Airport, and various transportation system improvements that would help boost tourism to the region and make it more accessible. They made it clear that strong infrastructure would be key in developing future tourism, after several years of funding neglect, and the Congressman was very receptive to their ideas.

They also discussed the importance of a connected and cohesive message when promoting the area as a destination. Rep. Brown pressed upon the attendees that having a cohesive message is the most important aspect in these destination-centered campaigns, especially when policymakers are considering funding these organizations. In response, some of the attendees spoke of marketing the entire area, as they had done in successful previous projects and campaigns. The congressman was happy to hear about this, and hoped these organizations continued this work in the future.