Travel Talks with Rep. Jan Schawkowsky

The Congresswoman joined 12 travel and tourism leaders, including the Chairman of Arlington Park, for a roundtable discussion in Arlington Heights, IL. In addition to a rich discussion, the Congresswoman also enjoyed a tour of the park’s race track.

During the roundtable, Rep. Schawkowsky pledged her support of the Brand USA program and committed to doing all she can to use her position on the House Budget and House Energy and Commerce Committees to ensure the program is not stripped of its funding. The Congresswoman was also receptive to learning more about the Open Skies agreement.

The Congresswoman offered her commitment and strong support of the Visa Waiver Program, understanding the importance of the program from a security standpoint. Travel leaders discussed the need for airport modernization and infrastructure improvements at O’Hare and what that could mean for travel to the area. Congresswoman Schakowsky expressed her support for an increased cap for the Passenger Facility Charge.

The roundtable ended with a discussion on the O’Hare Access Road. The access road is a pressing issue for the area as it has the potential to increase the number of travelers to Northwest Chicago. The Congresswoman agreed to work with Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi to appeal to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board to move the Access Road project forward. We are grateful to Congresswoman Schawkowsky for offering her support to many of our issues and affirming her commitment to the travel and tourism industry.