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Preserving Open Skies

The key to promoting America’s economic interests is opening more international travel markets to the U.S. and adding more competition on overseas routes. Open Skies agreements help the U.S. do just that.

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Reducing Travel Hassles

Many barriers exist that inhibit the free flow of both domestic and international travelers within America. Whether a family is embarking on their summer vacation or a business traveler is flying to the annual sales conference, our nation's outdated transportation infrastructure and inefficient airline passenger screening process make it difficult for these travelers to get from place to place. To encourage travel to and within our country, the U.S. must improve the aviation security process and invest in improvements to our transportation infrastructure.

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Welcoming International Visitors

Increasing travel to the U.S. is an incredibly effective form of economic stimulus—supporting communities, injecting billions into the U.S. economy and creating millions of good, American jobs. Since it was created in 2010, Brand USA has proven to be an effective program for marketing the U.S. as a global destination, and is increasing our share of overseas visitors. However, our potential visitors must still navigate a cumbersome and often expensive visa process. Then, upon arriving at our gateway airports, they encounter long lines and frustrating wait times to enter the U.S. These issues discourage some overseas visitors from choosing the U.S., preventing our nation from capturing a larger share of the global travel market. To take advantage of the growing global travel market and the spending international visitors would contribute to our economy, the U.S. must become better at welcoming international visitors.